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Friday on my mind


Em      A         D

---------   ---------   ---------

---------   ---------   ---------

---4---4-   ---------   ---2---2-

-2---2---   ---2---2-   -0-------

---------   -0---0---   -----0---

---------   ---------   ---------

Em      A         D

Monday morning feels so bad      

Em      A         D

Everybody seems to nag m           e

G         B7

Comin' Tuesday I feel better

E         A

Even my old man looks good


Wednesday goes too slow


Thursday just don't go

C         E         A         F#m   B         E

I have Friday on my mind                                                            

A         C#m

I'm gonna have fun in the city

A         C#m

Be with my girl she's so pretty


She looks fine tonight

F#7     Bm

She is out of sight to            me


(Tonight) I'll spend my bread


(Tonight) I'll lose my head


(Tonight) I've got to get

A         E


Am      D         G         E

A  E  A  E     A  E  A  E       A  E  A  E       E   <- bass

Monday I've got Friday on my mind

Do the night-day grind once more

I know of nothing else that bores me

More than working for the rich man

Hey I'll change that scene one day

Today I might be mad

Tomorrow I'll be glad

I'll have Friday on my mind

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